Santa Fe Lofts -1907 & 1917 (Los Angeles, California)(Los Angeles, California)

Santa Fe Lofts -1907 & 1917 (Los Angeles, California)(Los Angeles, California)

Known for its prior tenant, the Atcheson Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, the Santa Fe Lofts consists of two Beaux Arts buildings built in 1907 and 1917.

In 1907, William G. Kerckhoff, one of the most important industrialists and financiers in California, commissioned the prominent Los Angeles architecture firm of Morgan and Walls to design the William G. Kerckhoff Building, a Beaux-Arts style commercial building located at the northeast corner of Main and Sixth Streets in downtown Los Angeles. Ten stories in height, the reinforced concrete structure is clad in white terra cotta tile. The building is vertically organized into three parts: a base, a shaft, and a capital. Typical of the Beaux-Arts style, the base of the building includes the ground level and second story.

In 1916, Kerckhoff commissioned Morgan, Walls, & Morgan to construct the Annex to the east. In 1933 the Santa Fe Railroad purchased the Kerckhoff Building and Annex, commonly known as the Santa Fe Building and Annex, and became the major tenant for over fifty years.


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