The shopping area formerly known as Arco Plaza, 505 Flower

The shopping area formerly known as Arco Plaza, 505 Flower

This is another example of a shopping center capturing the zeitgeist of 1950s-1970s thinking and planning.

The mall was most famously known as Arco Plaza, when Atlantic Richfield
Oil Company was headquartered in downtown Los Angeles before its purchase by British Petroleum. The oil giant had naming rights to the twin towers above ground.

It also had the name of the subterranean mall designed to service the tower workers and employees from the nearby Financial District.

It is completely sealed, so there is no daylight radiating into the building. The underground location makes pedestrian flow confined to the areas near the escalators to the surface.

It has several restaurants, as well as a gym and a few other services. Since most of the activity is during lunch hours, this plaza is nothing more than a glorified food court.

This is what the plaza looks like in a weekday afternoon.

The present name of the mall is 505 Flower, its address. The twin towers have been named for City National Bank and law firm Paul Hastings.


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