Weekly Walking Tour: DTLA Arts District

Each week, our office embarks on a walking tour, and this week’s excursion found us in the downtown Arts District.

The Arts District is one of DTLA’s most vibrant up-and-coming communities. Once known as the Warehouse District, the area is filled with older industrial and former railroad buildings. In 1981, the City of Los Angeles passed its “Artist in Residence” ordinance allowing former industrial buildings to be repurposed as residences, legalizing what was already common practice among many artists in the area.

Since then, development in the area has exploded, creating a truly unique community of residents. Commercial development has also increased considerably, as boutiques, bars and restaurants venture in to the diverse Arts District scene. One notable stop on our tour was the E. 2nd Street Lofts Building. Originally constructed in the early 1900s to store sugar beets, the building’s recent renovation and addition by Rockefeller Partners Architects preserves the historical facade while entirely reimagining the interior as 38 live/work townhome lofts.

We broke for lunch at Church & State, which is a must-visit for fans of exquisite French country cuisine! The restaurant is conveniently located on the ground floor of our next stop: the Biscuit Company Lofts.

You may remember the Biscuit Company Lofts from our previous post about Nic Cage’s fabulous penthouse. This time around we were visiting another gorgeous loft, also from Frank Bruno at kw Hollywood Hills.

This fantastic 5th floor unit faces southwest and has stunning views of Downtown LA, in addition to the many other amenities offered in the building (like a pool, BBQ, firepit & 24-hour doorman service, for starters.) It was a great addition to a fun-filled tour, we can’t wait to see where next week’s walking adventure will take us!

(For information on the listing in this post, contact Frank Bruno at kw Hollywood Hills: 310-623-1300) 


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