Midweek Bite: UMAMIcatessen

Umamicatessen's Soft Opening, DTLA (Photo: Darin Dines/Eater National Flickr Pool)

This new addition to Downtown LA’s restaurant scene comes from the people who brought us the delectable burgers and inventive ingredients of Umami Burger. It’s the established LA eatery’s 8th location in California and their first foray into the DTLA food scene. Located at 852 S. Broadway, the massive new space–created by combining the spaces formerly occupied by 3 separate tenants–has been packed with eager downtown foodies since opening its doors this past Saturday.

As blogger and downtown trend watcher Brigham Yen noted, “The pent up demand for more dining options in Downtown LA could not be more apparent than the continuous surge of diners that easily filled Umamicatessen’s cavernous space throughout the entire day. In fact, it just got busier and busier as the day progressed into the night.” UMAMIcatessen’s opening is just another step in the continued revitalization of historic downtown, especially Broadway; hopefully we see more development like this throughout DTLA!

The Twittersphere has (as always) had a lot to say, with everyone from food blogger Caroline on Crack to average LA eaters chiming in with their tales of downtown deliciousness:

Have you chowed down at UMAMIcatessen yet? Let us know what you think! If the reviews we’ve heard so far are anything to go by, we know where we’ll be eating this weekend–if we can get a table, that is!

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